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The Only Child Club

Founded in November 2014 by Petike, The Only Child Club of is meant to bring together (not only) the only children of

Manifesto (kind of)

Here's the official mission statement of this group:

Been an only child your entire life ? Do you think it sucks ? Are you all right with it but want to reach out more to people around you ? Don't be shy and join our fledgling little club.

Note that this isn't a club for bashing people or families with siblings, or the very concept of having siblings. No. Not under any circumstance. This club's purpose is to help and encourage people who have been only children to not see themselves as antagonists to people with siblings. It's also meant as a place for friendly dialogue and building greater mutual understanding of each other.

Why am I founding this little club ? Because I feel that, even today, there's often a lot of low-level misconceptions or even prejudices about people who come from numerically different family backgrounds. This club is here to bridge those differences. To provide people with a place where they can engage in discussion about their different experiences. No finger-pointing, no name-calling, no insinuations, just polite and civil dialogue. Trade your thoughts on your life with or without siblings and how it has impacted and influenced you, and what you could or would like to learn from the experiences and feelings of the other side.

So, only children, feel free to apply, people with siblings, feel free to join in the discussion as well, and… well, let's just all have a good time together. Let's make this thread a place of understanding and the occassional hug (if needed).

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