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The Dean

British member, named for the character from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

Rumored to be the lost illegitimate father of Dean_the_Young. The Dean denies spawning an American redneck, however, so the episode remains up in the air.

The Dean has earned the admiration of many members due to his work with naval cadets. Rumors persist that he is actually training said cadets to become his personal army.

His fields of expertise include classic aircraft, trains, and waterway transportation. His TL Green and Pleasant Land is an exploration of how Britain may have turned out had it properly upgraded its canal system, not scrapped the railways according to Dr Beeching's report, and had generally focused on public transport rather than individual car ownership.

El Deaño has not posted recently, but those in the know have assured us that this is simply because he is currently trying to escape from the passenger seat of a hatchback being driven by the spiritual successors of Maureen from Driving School. (As is the usual law of nature on, 5 minutes after adding the above paragraph to this article, the Dean returned).


The Dean is a classic British 'Man of the Sheds', always tinkering with stuff. Once, after Thande mused on the possibility of electro-lock firearms, Deano went off and blew up his garage with some gunpowder and a torch battery. Everyone is now careful not to mention their brilliant ideas when the Dean is within walking distance of his shed and tools.

Notable works

In Fiction

Appeared as the driver of the Routemaster bus in Luaky Commer.

Appeared in Dial M for Elastic as Lieutenant Colonel The Reverend Dean Martin, padre to the ill-fated British expedition to capture Thandistan back in ’76.

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