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The Cosmonaut Cat

A Ukrainian member (though possibly an expat) who joined in June 2014.

Over the course of the following year, “TCC” grew infamous among the denizens of the Off-Topic part of the board. He rarely visited any other forum than PolChat and he concentrated almost religiously on posting threads and posts about “news” and “evidence” that supposedly verified his worldview. Said worldview consisted of a blind belief in the superiority of “The West” and liberal democracy, to an authoritarian extent. Oddly enough, though TCC preached a lot about the virtues of Western democratic values and liberalism, he regularly spoke in favour of denying these to other parts of the world. Despite being a vocal critic of Vladimir Putin, he supported using any means necessary to spread Western values around the world, even censorship and methods ironically all too similar to those used by Putin's government in contemporary Russia.

The saga of The Cosmonaut Cat came to a definite end in June 2015. He was banned by Ian for implicitly defending past use of racist policies and racist actions by western countries (e.g. in the Belgian Congo).

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