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The Cordial Conservative's Club

Ah, the Cordial Conservative's Club. Just like the private clubs of the capitalists of old, it is a log clubhouse filled with fragrant cigar smoke and with fine Cognac flowing freely. Pictures of James K. Polk, Abraham Lincoln, Jon Huntsman and John McCain line the walls. Discussion is cordial, with various talking points. If a lady ever walked in the club, the enter membership would jump up to put her coat away. Opposite the log clubhouse is a theatre, the home of their rival, the Commonwealth of Progressives, Socialists and Social Democrats.

In reality, the club was founded by Abhakhazia as a way to oppose the extremism of the Tea Party and various other radical right-wing groups world wide. There is no official membership roll, but self-identified conservatives go there to talk about politics politely without fear of angry leftist response or banning.

If you're a Conservative, come check it out here!

On August 23, 2015, Superman founded the second incarnation of the club, with Abhakhazia as the honorary President and himself as the first Chairman of the CCC, for the months of August and September, 2015.

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