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Decent sized island located off the south-eastern coast of Australia. It has population just under 500,000 two-headed inbreds. Two of the three major political parties (labor and liberal) are currently in thrall to Gunns. ltd. which acts like it pretty much owns the state (ther third -the Greens- are a bunch of pot-addled NIMBY-hippies).

The only known Tasweigan AH.commers are Cockroach… though he was born in NSW, so isn't one of the inbreds; and KineticBots… he was born in Tasmania, and is therefore inbred. And now HowAboutThisForAName; also from NSW and thus skipped the inbreeding.

Discovered by Abel Tasman, a sucking-up Dutch explorer who named it after his boss as “Van Diemen's Land”, the name was later changed to reflect its discoverer. Formerly home to the extinct Thylacine (aka Tasmanian Tiger or Wolf), probably about the second or third most famous extinct animal after the dodo.


If you're from here, feel free to add yourself to the list.

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