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Oh. My. God. StrategyGirl, you have accomplished something dozens of trolls have never been able to accomplish. You have just broken the collective mind of Congratulations.

Archangel Michael, after the first time that StrategyGirl posted pictures of herself in the “How Do You Look?”-thread.

Nothing if not Controversial

If StrategyGirl's time on were to be summarized in a single word, then that word would be “controversial”.

And the controversies began almost right after StrategyGirl joined.

The first thing she did after joining, was mass-PM-ing as many people as she could.

And she wasn't just trying to gain people's attention with those PM's - no, she was sending people invitations to a shared worlds RPG forum. Many people initially thought that she was a malicious spammer, and refused to click the link out of fear for viruses and spyware and whatnot.

However, the site where her PM's referred to turned out to be the kind of harmless shared worlds RPG forum that the invitation claimed it to be, and StrategyGirl actually appeared to be genuinely interested in contributing to this site and joining the community.

Thus, the controversy quickly subsided. (even though the PM'ing continued)


Then she started posted pics of herself in the “How Do You Look”-thread.

As Landshark remarked; “None of the other female members post pictures of themselves writhing around in hotpants.”, and indeed, many of the pics she posted showed StrategyGirl in various sexy poses and occasionally rather revealing clothes.

This, and the fact that Eladrimstar had also begun posting pics of herself on the same day, resulted in what was later declared to be one of the greatest victories of the Heterosexual Reconquista. Acting President Sargon even officially declared that day, January 31st, to be “Reconquista Day”.

Unfortunately, things eventually took a turn for the worse.

StrategyGirl kept posting pics of herself, but after a while, some members began to grow a bit suspicious of her.

Aside from revealing that StrategyGirl looks a lot like Ashlee Simpson, most of StrategyGirl's pics turned out to be of pretty high quality, and some were definitely of professional quality (as determined by fortyseven, whose experience on this can hardly be overestimated).

This led a number of people to suspect that StrategyGirl was, in fact, an impostor who was using a collection of photo's from some model.

A few suspicious people began to ask StrategyGirl to confirm that she was the same person as the girl posing in the photo's, which she refused to do.

But people kept asking, and she began to overreact, which soon resulted in a pretty nasty flamewar.

As a result, she stopped posting.


She did, however, continue to barrage people with PM's - in spite of the fact that she had been warned twice to stop doing that, and she even threatened to avoid any bans by creating sockpuppet accounts.

Thus, Ian took swift action, and banned her.

Hours after her banning, someone by the name “MadameGeneral” (StrategyGirls' former user title) joined, suggesting that StrategyGirl was quite serious about her remarks to Ian.

The MadameGeneral account was quickly deleted, and there wasn't a sign of StrategyGirl again until 19th May 2008, when a suspicious account called 'MissGeneral' (talk about original…) appeared. Acting quick on the ball, MrP ensured that the Banhammer squashed this one before it could make any more nefarious schemes.

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