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The Stranger Syndicate

An cadre-style political party created by Hashasheen on the 30th of June, 2009, in this thread. The Syndicate formerly held the positions of the Presidency, the Senior Vice-Presidency and 4 Ministeries. It has the following members:

  • Hashasheen (Policy Director, Vice-President of the Imperial Republic, Minister of Science and Technology and Supreme Arbiter of the Ordos Suprema Arbita)
  • Zenith (Party Spokesman for Propaganda and Political Stances and Commanding officer of the Ordos Suprema Arbita's ground forces. )
  • TheDarkServant (Party Chairman, President of the Imperial Republic)
  • Promethean (Lord Captain Commander of the Praetorian Guard of the Ordos Suprema Arbita)
  • Lord Genome (Minister of Foreign and Imperial Affairs)
  • Insertnamehere (Representative for the Alsace-Lorraine Parliament.)
  • JMIII (Voting Member, currently with no position)
  • Patriot (Voting Member currently with no position)
  • Ryder (Minister of Propaganda and Information)
  • Solomaxwell6 (Representative for the Alsace-Lorraine Parliament)
  • catboy637 (Voting member, currently with no position)
  • Jord839 (Minister of Arts and Culture)
  • vultan (Voting member, currently with no position)

The 2009 Strangers Syndicate Manifesto

The AH.COM Strangers Syndicate Manifesto (As composed by TheDarkServant):

WHO WE ARE: The Strangers, remaking history in our image.

OUR VISION: We are intent on expanding the greatness of, not only in our own timeline, but into others. We imagine a time when everyone on are Strangers, living together moulding the universes to their liking. We picture a time when members new and old alike can work together to make amazing timelines, both of the Standard and ASB variety. Most of all however, we strive for greatness within the community and a hell of a lot of fun along the way.

OUR POLICIES: The Strangers will be continuing our so far successful efforts of bringing quality to the ASB forums. Noticed how much better ASB has been lately? Yeah, that’s been us All party members are willing to give help, advice and criticism on timelines both Standard and ASB, to continue the recent rate of high quality works which have been seen on the forums.

The Strangers like it when new members join the forums – enough of the elitism that has been known to plague the forums, we welcome all and we plan to implement the long delayed welcoming committee bill, and our party members are willing to speak to new members to the site on a personal basis if need be to guide them gently into the soft embrace of the site. As part of our role in welcoming new members to the site, party members will also give out cameos in their works, if applicable. The Strangers have access to many timelines, and we are willing to found research into cross-timeline travel, both for reasons of defence and for those of you who like vacations to other timelines. The Party will work together to release summaries of new timelines whenever possible.

ECONOMICS: The Strangers believe in an economy which allows the VERY cheap purchase of booze on all occasions. To achieve this we are even willing to raid other timelines. The Strangers like Booze (and drugs for those of you so inclined, we offer to subsidise Hash, Opium, Weed, Crack, Cocaine, Marijuana, Khat, Meth, LSD and powdered sugar).

RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS: The right to bear arms is fundamental to The Strangers. We will in fact be handing out weaponry to anybody who so in asks. In fact it was The Strangers which got the duelling bill into parliament.


The Strangers like women of all varieties. The Stranger writing this manifesto has a particular liking of blondes, but this is irrelevant – women for all. Or Men!

The Strangers are Egotistical – we will make sure that plenty of photo’s are posted in the How Do You Look threads, if we are voted in. Topless photos for the Gaysexualists if necessary.

The Strangers believe in a world without colour, we stand for equality for people of all races, religions, sexual preferences and hair colours. The Strangers come from the future, we are enlightened.

The Stranger Syndicate's Military wing (Ordos Suprema Arbita) must be recognised and funded as a goverment militia of equal stature and rank as the Imperial Guards. This is to ensure balance between the various powers of the goverment and introduce additional stability.

The Strangers profess a strong fondness for the armored train, and demand that its service and actions in defeating the Nazi Foe gain more recognition.

The Stranger Syndicate professes supreme loyalty to Her Imperial Majesty, Grand Empress, Augusta and Basilissa Sai of the Imperial Republic of, Imperatrix of the Tasty Stir Fry, Sultana of the Holy Sealion, Queen of Thai Kick Boxing, and Kaiserin of Chaos; may she rule forever the forums under Ian. Hail to the Empress!

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