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British member known for his Liberal politics (in the proper sense, not the American one). One of our few remaining strident supporters of the Liberal Democrats since they entered coalition government. Famously said that he's not on the site for the AH, just the political discussion.

Something of a living strawman–when people criticise Liberal views by saying “well if you tolerate X then logically you'd have to tolerate Y as well”, Stefan will tolerate Y, regardless of what X and Y are. A very firm Utilitarian. Extremely rude and blunt, saying he sees “no reason to mince his words”. Outspoken feminist and anarchist, and wears his disdain for opposing views on those subjects on his sleeve.

He was banned in a thread about the Mens Rights Movement on the 21st of October, 2013, after another case of snide trolling, which he had conducted from time to time for several years while on the board. In the end, his rudeness got the better of him, which is a pity, since he was an otherwise intelligent and respected fellow.

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