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 ====== Slovenia ====== ====== Slovenia ======
 +One of the South Slavic countries of southeastern/​central Europe. Often stereotyped as the little posh cousin of its more southernly relatives.
 +Borders [[Italy]] to the west, [[Austria]] to the north, [[Hungary]] to the northeast and [[Croatia]] to the southeast and south.
 ==== AH.commers ==== ==== AH.commers ====
-[[offtopic:​aktarian]]+  * [[offtopic:​aktarian]] 
 +  * [[offtopic:​Mentos]] 
 ==== See Also ==== ==== See Also ====
 +**[[Slovakia]]** - Former part of the various incarnations of the Kingdom of Hungary and later Czechoslovakia. **Not** to be confused with Slovenia, despite some //distant// ethno-lingual ties and similarities. And an almost //​identical//​ flag, too; they really have no excuse for people mixing them up.
 **[[timelines:​Slovenia|Slovenian Timelines and Scenarios]]** **[[timelines:​Slovenia|Slovenian Timelines and Scenarios]]**
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 **[[resources:​Slovenia|Useful Resources about Slovenia]]** **[[resources:​Slovenia|Useful Resources about Slovenia]]**
 +==== Navigation ====
 +**[[regions|Regions of the World]]**
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