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Second People's Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire

In the great tradition of the First Republic, Thande has in mind a restoration of that body in the form of a Second Republic. He plans to get roaringly drunk in the Frog and Parrot, grab a horse and cart, and lead an army of sozzled locals and students on to the Town Hall, where they'll storm it, raise a red flag and declare a restoration.

After consolidating his ascent to power, Thande will then make wearing elasticated trousers, flat caps and owning a whippet mandatory for all non-locals just to piss them off, and so that the locals can have a good laugh. He'll then invite the Queen to be Head of State and will ask local resident Sargon around to watch Doctor Who with both of them. Thandislam will become the state religion, so Blaming Thande will become mandatory for all citizens of the People's Socialst Republic. Future Thande-style knife wielding is rumoured to be optional.

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