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-====== Sao Tomé ======+====== Sao Tomé and Principe ​====== 
 +A small country on an archipelago in the Gulf of Guinea, to the west of the west African coast.  
 +A Portuguese-speaking country, it has historical ties to [[Portugal]] and to neighbouring [[Cameroon]],​ [[Equatorial Guinea]], [[Gabon]] and other west African countries on the mainland. 
 +The volcanic mountains of Sao Tomé have often formed into unusual shapes, and the island has plenty of endemic plant and animal species. 
 ==== See Also ==== ==== See Also ====
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 **[[resources:​Sao Tomé|Useful Resources about Sao Tomé]]** **[[resources:​Sao Tomé|Useful Resources about Sao Tomé]]**
 ==== Navigation ==== ==== Navigation ====
 **[[regions|Regions of the World]]** **[[regions|Regions of the World]]**
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