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A banned poster on He acted relatively normally for the first months of his time on the board (apart from changing his user name a couple of times). Then in March 2008 he without warning launched a massive spam attack on the board of a highly homophobic nature, as well as creating several sockpuppet accounts (RealRockingham and Hobomannequin and a third account he did not post in before being banned) as well as claiming his older brother had hijacked his account.

After he and all his initial sock-puppets were banned the board has been regularly harassed by his sock-puppets. These have become known as Rockpuppets. In theory this means that Rockingham is the most commonly recurring banned member but in general Rockingham (along with General Mung Beans) is discounted from the list of Most Pathetically Persistent Returning Members. It has apperantly been suggested that Rockingham and GMB may be connected…

One massive rockpuppet thread-spamming attack occured on the 26th of September 2008.

Don't be Rockingham, people. Don't be a sockpuppet troll.

The List of Rockpuppets

  1. Emperor of Rockingham/The Overlord/Rockingham
  2. RealRockingham (claimed to the real Rockingham after his brother supposedly hijacked his account)
  3. rock the innocent (claimed innocence)
  4. Hobomannequin(first sockpuppet, no trolling occurred)
  5. Harris
  6. Shah (Persian nationalist)
  7. Aryan Islamonazi (Islamic Nazi)
  8. Caesar X
  9. Josh
  10. Kinna
  11. Meth-ridates
  12. Napoleon X (Frenchman, incapable of properly speaking English)
  13. Pompeius Magnus
  14. Thandefan
  15. Thande. (Pretended to be Thande, notice the fullstop)
  16. Rocko’s Girlfriend
  17. Sexyfiend
  20. WarsawGamer(posed as Polish troll)
  21. Harry the Cannibal
  22. 2yearlurker
  23. Dontkickthebaby
  24. Wouldyoulikecrapwiththat?
  25. Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhu (pretended to be from Georgia - Georgia in the Caucasus, before anyone asks)
  26. Flamingo the Strong
  28. Timmy
  30. Nabre’l’Adeli
  31. Spamma
  32. Izan Wej
  33. Quentin Wilson
  34. SaveIsrael
  35. Cockatoo
  36. Freed Paradox
  37. GuessWho
  38. Chaddie Boy (Leftist conspiracy whackjob)
  39. Rockingham2
  40. WyldCard (pretended to be WyldCard4)
  41. MakeMeAdmiinAndIGiveMoney
  42. Cockingham the Clown
  43. 60th Ogre!
  44. Maghnikcor
  45. Fatal Wit

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