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Resolution authorizing Invasions of Poland, Ireland, Mexico, and the Baltic States


While has never officially declared war on anyone, this resolution was perhaps the closest to such an official act. If passed, it would have authorized the military to begin combat operations against Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, and Mexico.


On August 23, 2007, The Bald Imposter (KETWIWBP) proposed that invade Poland, partition it, and oppress the population horribly. This proposal was supported by Nekromans (YSP) and Agentdark (E), although Nekromans requested that “horribly” be upgraded to “diabolically”. Agentdark suggested that the invasion of Poland be swiftly followed by an invasion of the Baltic States, while Superdude (PPP) suggested they follow the Baltic States with an invasion of Ireland. Agentdark added that Mexico should also be invaded and annexed.

Text of Legislation

The Parliament of authorizes the invasion and annexation of Poland, Ireland, Mexico, and the Baltic States by


This bill was neither voted on nor enacted.

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