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RAF general

Short-lived member who showed up one day in July 2008, claimed to be a suicidal divorcee and former banker from Northern Ireland and began mildly trolling Zach in the thread of his Pax Napoleonica timeline. He rather sarcastically declared that the timeline had saved him from suicide and other random stuff…

He posted extremely little over the course of two years, until he finally went ballistic in 2010, insulting Zach and other AH.commers as he went along. Ian had enough of it and kicked him. The general returned one last time in August, asked a few questions related to the timeline and has vanished since. He is not banned, though we'd like to hope he doesn't return.

Though all of RAF general's rants were a bit incoherent, he did seem to have some knowledge of lingo (which he lovingly distorted in each and every of his rants - e.g. “alien space beetles”, “tortoise-pigeon awards” , etc.).

It is probable, that RAF general was in fact a sockpuppet of one of the previously banned trolls. Some elements of his style would seem to hint at this.

A short overview of RAFgeneral-isms:

My wife recently divorced me...

Arsenic or Exhaust Fumes in the garage ?

My dead father... - Insane post that claimed the poster had committed suicide and all posts from now on would be from his son. As stupid and contrived as it sounds.

A new map won't help... - Possibly his second most reasonable post.

Does anyone see... - Possibly his most reasonable post. The only one not made in the Pax Napoleonica thread.

THIS IS ALIEN SPACE BEETLES!!! - The legendary hysterical rant.

That's because this is the... - Less hysterical, but almost equally insane rant.

As previously stated... - The odd farewell post. For now…

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