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PsychosNemesis is one of the few female members of, though sadly, she's no longer an active member.

Her Introduction

Soon after she posted her introductory thread (in Non-Political Chat, of all places ) with the first post containing the sentence “My name is Cherie and I'm 25. *waves*”, this amazed quite a few members, since the event of a young human female joining this forum is a rare thing indeed.

And after PsychosNemesis confirmed that she is indeed a real woman (and not just some random, acne-ridden, internet-addicted, male teenager with a perverted love for sick jokes), the thread soon got flooded with countless posts containing welcoming messages, poor pick-up lines, and other attempts to attract PsychosNemesis' attention.

And suprisingly, instead of running away screaming and throwing her computer out of the window (like any sane woman would have done), she actually appreciated all the attention, and she answered the lionshare of the welcoming posts, making a lot of jokes and flirting a bit in the process.

Thus, she attracted whole swarms of the creepiest and most desperate of the male AH.commers, not unlike how syrup attracts flies, but then a lot worse.

PsychosNemesis turned out to be an acquaintance of Psychomeltdown from another forum, and she appears to have a longstanding rivalry with Psychomeltdown.

The Post Your Voice-Thread

PsychosNemesis greatest archievement on is no doubt the Post Your Voice-thread, which allowed the members to upload and share recordings of their own voice.

Thus, many members finally got a chance to hear what the other AH.commers actually sound like.

The thread quickly became one of the fastest growing threads on the entire board, and even today it is still somewhere in the top 10 of biggest threads in NPC.

Sadly though, the site that was used in this thread to share the voice recordings was redesigned at some point, and for some reason, that resulted in a lot of members no longer being capable of downloading files from that site.

Consequently, many members lost interest for the Post Your Voice-thread, and the thread died soon after.

Unfortunately, PsychosNemesis soon lost interest in after the Post Your Voice-thread died, and thus she left soon after. (that, or she just completely forgot about this site…)

Aftermath of her Departure from

Even today, many members still grieve over PsychosNemesis' departure from

It is said that every night on a full moon, the creepy, darkness-loving, heterosexual and probably eternally virgin male teen- and young adult members of silently mourn the departure of PsychosNemesis, and secretly pray to Ian Almighty, the Holy Sheep, and all the other deities and saints of many board religions that the day of PsychosNemesis' return may come soon…

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