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President Special Elections Bill of 2009


As deadlock gripped the 2008 Parliament, it became clear that His Administratorness' Government would not be able to operate unless the Landraad, the Upper House of's Parliament, was seated. To this end, Susano of the Federalist Federation of Federalists proposed a series of bills calling for new elections. This was the third such bill, calling for new Presidential elections to be held in March of 2009.


This bill was submitted to the Lower House of Parliament on February 14, 2009 by Susano (FFF). President Sargon opposed the idea, stating: “I don't feel Presidential Elections are required until the normal date, since there isn't a crisis in the Presidency itself.” Susano (FFF) agreed, but insisted that elections should be held “to address uniformity of election dates”. Pkmatrix (YSP) agreed with the President that there should not be any Presidential elections until August.

Proposed Text of Legislation

1. Be it resolved that new Presidential Elections will be called for 21st March 2009, according to the traditional election modus.

2. Be it further resolved that specifically for this election the President can at any time appoint a new Electoral Officer.

3. Be it further resolved that should there not be an Electoral Officer on Election Day any MP can start the elections, and is then automatically considered Electoral Officer for specifically this election.


Voting on this bill began on February 18, 2009 and closed on February 25, 2009.

Susano (FFF) has voted in favor.

Pkmatrix (YSP), VulcanTrekkie45 (YSP), 09camaro (E), Prime Minister TheDarkServant (E), Deputy Prime Minister LordInsane (E) and Keenir (E) have voted against.

LightInfa (E), Steffen (FFF), Ran Exilis (E), Haggis (E), Gladi (E), Demosthenes (E), Opposition Leader Kidblast (YSP), and Nekromans (YSP) did not vote.

Thus, the bill failed to pass with 1 AYE, 6 NAYS, and 8 MPs not voting.

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