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Political Chat Thread Titles

Something of a running joke or custom on Threads in Political Chat about a recurring political issue are often given recognisable titles; this also often sends a message that the thread poster wants discussion to remain jokey and civil rather than getting heated about the issue.


Political correctness gone mad part #123456789: Owing to the overuse of this headline in the press, stories related to political correctness are given a commeasurately high number. Note that 'political correctness' is a rather vague term and can sometimes be defined as “anything that any reasonable person would find absurd”.

British Education System thread #123456789: Similarly, carping about the British Education System (and others) is very common.

Universal Healthcare thread #123456789: Because these “debates” have long since descended into parody, any news relating to health is given this title as a weary acknowledgement that it will provoke the same old circlejerk argument.

Gun Control thread #123456789: Similar, but for news involving firearms.

Chavez Thread #123456789: Because we all like to hear what Hugo's been smoking this week.

(X)…in…SPAAAAAACE!!!: Common title for any space travel-related story.

The Chinese invented (X): After the famous quote by Dave Howery, any story about China must be prefaced by an acknowledgement that the Chinese invented the subject of the story, even if this is ironic (e.g. 'the Chinese invented human rights, you know').

Hope and Change #123: For stories about the Obama administration backtracking on its pledges/continuing Bush policies.

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