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-====== ​Piratepartyist ​======+====== ​SaveAtlacamani ​======
-Newer member of the board, contributes mainly to Shared Worlds.+A [[Germany|German]] ​member of the board, ​from the small town of Schmidsfelden in Baden-Württemberg. An enthusiastic supporter of the Pirate Party, o.a.musimon is not a fan of Angela Merkel. He's known on the board for his contributions to [[timelines:​progress,​ decline and hope:​Progress,​ Decline, and Hope]] and some map games in the Shared Worlds forum. Overall, he's a nice guy and brings a good deal of diversity to the board. 
 +He contributes mainly to [[shared worlds:​shared worlds|Shared Worlds]]. 
 +Formerly known as o.a.musimon and then PiratePartyist. 
 +He is known to often support communist ideologies in Shared Worlds nation games. 
 +==== Navigation ==== 
 +**[[offtopic:​germany#​ahcommers|German board members]]** 
 +**[[member list#​p|Member List]]**
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