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People's Revolutionary Soviet Party (PRSP)

The People's Revolutionary Soviet Party was formed by Stalin's Pipe Organs in this thread. The Party is growing and already has some influence in the workings of the AH government.

Party Manifesto

The People's Revolutionary Soviet Party aims high, it aims to make a better place for its members. We do not surrender, will not stop fighting against the capitalists and revisionists who dare put themselves under the Communist banner! Wars are not won through corruption and greed, wars are won through the strength of mind and the knowledge that it is us who are right! So let us Comrades, unite under our banner, join as one, and bring the Government back to its people!

Party Platforms

1. We will propose the creation of a minimal rules subforum in which members can relax and let off steam. This will reduce the number of kickings/bannings since many offending members will go to this subforum instead of Chat.

2. We will support the creation of a system in which members can collectively petition and offer the Administrator suggestions or concerns of relation to this board.

3. We support a substantial reform of the Peerage system. Both to make it easier to work within and understand for the everyday member.

4. We will advocate for the Imperial Flag to include a hammer and sickle.

5. We will not rest until the common member is represented adequately in this government.


(If you wish to join the PRSP, simply post your desire to do so in the Party thread or contact me)

If you are still not convinced, then why not check out three reasons why you should join the PRSP.

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