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Parliament Renaming Bill of 2009


After the passage of the Landsraad Act of 2008, the Parliament became a bicameral legislature and some noted that the Lower House was now, awkwardly, also named the “Parliament of”. In order to address this, Minister of Bismarckian Artefacts Krall proposed this bill which would officially rename the Lower House the “Diet of”.


When Krall presented his original draft of what would become the Krall-Pkmatrix Parliamentary Reform Bill on January 28, 2009, he included a section which would change the name of the Lower House of Parliament from “Parliament” to “Diet”. Pkmatrix (YSP) counter-proposed that the Lower House be named the “Assembly of” rather than the “Diet”. Krall explained his reasoning for naming the lower house “Diet”: “I just don't want one house being called the Parliament, as the term correctly refers to the entire legislature, not one house. I went for Diet due to its links to the Reichstag of the HRE, which seemed appropriate for” Pkmatrix (YSP) relented on the name of the Lower House and agreed to name it the “Diet of”.

After the Krall-Pkmatrix Parliamentary Reform Bill failed on February 7, Parliament scrambled to complete much of what the bill set out to do through a series of more specific bills proposed by Susano (FFF) and Krall.

Krall presented a draft of a new bill consisting only of the Parliament renaming provision on February 14. LightInfa (E) announced his opposition to the bill on February 18, calling “Diet” a “stupid name” and preferring that the name “Parliament” be kept for the Lower House, despite the clumsiness. On February 19, 09camaro (E) suggested that the name “Assembly” be used instead.

Proposed Text of Legislation

1. Be it resolved that after the date of the 8th of March 2009 the legislative chamber presently known as the Parliament of shall be known as the Diet of

2. Any bills passed or proposed prior to this date must use the name Parliament to refer to this house, and these bills shall then apply to the Diet after the relevant date.

3. Be it further resolved that after the date of the 8th of March 2009 that the Landsraad of and the Diet of shall collectively be known as the Parliament of, and any subsequent bills passed and proposed shall use this term correctly and accordingly.


Voting on this bill began on February 14, 2009 and ended on February 21, 2009.

Susano (FFF), Deputy Prime Minister LordInsane (E), Pkmatrix (YSP), VulcanTrekkie45 (YSP), Prime Minister TheDarkServant (E), and Keenir (E) have voted in favor.

09camaro (E) has ABSTAINED.

LightInfa (E) has voted AGAINST.

Steffen (FFF), Ran Exilis (E), Haggis (E), Gladi (E), Demosthenes (E), Opposition Leader Kidblast (YSP), and Nekromans (YSP) did not vote.

Although this bill received 6 votes in favor, 1 vote against and 1 vote to Abstain, it was unable to meet the criteria for passage outlined in either Article I or Article II Section 2 of the Legislative Procedures Act and failed to pass.

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