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Parliament Expansion Bill


The Parliament Expansion bill was the first proposal to expand the number of seats in Parliament from 15 to 25. The bill was never voted on and was never passed.


Othniel (YSP) presented a motion to expand the current Parliament from 15 to 25 seats, arguing: “The Role of parliament should be that of the most powerful branch of government, but in the hands of this few people it is open to abuse, therefore I believe that we should expand the parliament, thus our ability to represent the people, and to dilute the powers of the individual members of parliament. This would not only serve those purposes but would give the people of Ah.Com a greater chance to be part of civic services such as that of parliament. I think that ten seats should be open for election at this time in four months, and then we will put our seats up for election in eight months, as well as that of the office President.”

This proposal was opposed by Douglas (AHPP), who argued: “I must respectfully disagree with the hono(u)rable member from the YSP. The current parliament is large enough to suit our current needs, and now is hardly the time to expand it, when we have questions about its role, and about matters vital to the security of the state. I suggest that any proposal to expand parliament be decided at a later date.”

Text of Legislation

The current Parliament shall be expanded from 15 seats to 25 seats.


This bill died very soon after its proposal, but the idea did not. Othniel would propose expanding Parliament again before the 2006 - 2007 Parliament of ended its session, although it would once again be refuted, and the idea has mentioned every so often in the years after.

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