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American member from South Carolina.

Overview (Orville's own text)

He is not a professional historian, but is working on a history degree in part through distance learning via Thomas Edison State College. He is also the historian for his local squadron of the Civil Air Patrol (the civilian auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force). He is hoping to conduct some oral history interviews of current and former CAP members in the near future.

He started a timeline once involving a John McCain victory in the 2000 S.C. Republican Primary, (and a McCain presidency as a result) and hopes to return to it one day. He has a few other ideas for TLs, ranging from Henry Agard Wallace not running for president in 1948 to the 2000's Zatanna movie being made. He's helped make small comments on other timelines (including adding his McCain PoD to someone else's TL and being singled out for praise for providing CAP info to Chipperback's The Land of Flatwater TL). He's happy to provide help on anything he can.

In PolChat, he is known for being supportive of Russia while simultaneously being critical of much of U.S. foreign policy (including the interventions in Iraq (which he considers the most important political issue of our time) and Libya), encouraging recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, favoring third party candidates across the spectrum, and praising Taylor Swift (including promoting the rumor that she is a Fairy Princess). Despite being outspoken in his views, he tries to be nice to others as much as possible. He's often a source for unique opinions on various topics that you won't find anywhere else- many of which get passed over.

One of the few areas he can be a semi-expert in involves emergency response. He's a regular provider of information on the responses to various disasters. In addition, he's also worked the polls on election day, which he's done in most U.S. general elections since 2004. He is more than willing to set aside any editorial opinions (on the forums and outside them) to inform others about how they work and help answer questions.

His sex life is near nonexistent. He's heterosexual. He has not had any requited romantic relationships with members of the fair sex. He's a likely Aspie. He doesn't drive.


Orville was kicked and subsequently banned by Ian in October 2015 for denial of the mass kllings of Kosovars in the Yugoslav Wars.

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