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Ordos Suprema Arbita

Created by the Supreme Arbiter Hashasheen after a snarky comment from Canis Lupus, the Ordos has had a colorful history and growth rate since its inception.

Military Forces:

At the beginning, there were seven militia brigades worth of men. After the defection of I Blame Communism and his forces in Scotland from the FFBFP's Kralltonic Order, the OSA recieved some experienced regular forces. With the additional supplement of the AirForce (under its Minister, TheMilitantOne), the OSA became a credible fighting force, eager to establish itself as a paramilitary for the people. Sadly due to early conflicts with EVIL, the AirForce Minister took back his forces, though some remained loyal to the concepts of the OSA and stayed on as the basis of a smaller private airforce. After the dissolving of the FFBFP and the Kralltonic order, thousands of out of work thugs were recruited into the OSA through demogagory and awesome posters.

Today, the OSA consists of 20 brigades in 5 divisions, 3 of which are infantry, one motorised and one alpine. There are also independent counts for the Aerial Knights as well as the Praetorian Guard,an elite unit of original veterans dedicated to the protection of the OSA leadership and its affiliated SS leadership, as well as policing the regular forces.


OSA PRAETORIAN GUARD : Under the command of Lord Captain Commander Promethean the 6 brigade strong force is the most loyal, well trained and armed force in the OSA. Many of its members have been agumented with additional genetic supplements as seen in the Adaptes Astartes.

OSA AERIAL KNIGHTS: Under the direct command of Supreme Arbiter Hashasheen, the private airforce is mainly loyalists formerly of the Airforce. Consisting mainly of a dozen or so Mig 21's and their crews, this branch also has a more offensive role in its paratrooper division and varied helicopter arsenal.

OSA GROUND FORCES: Under the direction of General Zenith the OSA's Ground Forces have been the model of loyalty, efficiency and firepower, feared by several foes in other organsiations. Following a massive growth after the dead of the FFBFP and the Kralltonic ORder, the OSA Ground Forces is in a state of rebuilding and integration.

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