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-======Orbital Control Platform====== 
-This is the space based command centre from which [[offtopic:​Ian]] observes the world. ​ Not much is known about it except that it enables his all-seeing gaze to be magnified to incredible levels. It is known to deploy Kickboots and Banhammers with lethal efficiency when needed. "Super omnipotence...",​ some whisper in hushed tones on the forums of the Board as they gaze nervously upwards... 
-No image exists of this fabled outpost of Administration. ​ This is because legend says that to gaze upon it would probably mean the person would implode into a twisted heap of incomprehension. ​ The real reason is probably because since all the other images in this wiki are taken //from// the platform, we can't really expect one to be taken of it because that would mean it would have to be looking upon itself and would end up in a heap of twisted incomprehension. Or something. 
-[[Thande]] once threw a party for various members on board an '​orbital battle station',​ possibly Ian's, although he can apparently only find its location in space when he's drunk. 
-=== In fiction === 
-The Orbital Control Platform is the site of the Big Sparkly Chair in [[Banhammer 40K]], a huge throne which keeps the God-Admin in a state between life and death. In the [[ Series]], it was destroyed in "[[THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN]]"​ when [[Weapon M]] sacrificed his life to blow it up. 
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