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are you sad?- Common phrase preceding prayer in Omskism.

Omskism is a cult/religion centered around Omsk Bird, a Russian Internet meme surrounding the reputation of Omsk as a drug ridden hellhole.

Major points of Omskism include:

  • Sadness is a universal state, all else is temporary.
  • Omsk existed since the beginning of time and will continue beyond the end times, which will inevitability be caused by Omsk.
  • If one becomes one with Omsk you will be in great pain, but will be hastening the end times
  • One become one with Omsk by large use of drugs, pilgrimage to Omsk and complete submission to Omsk.

Common signs of being one with Omsk include using dark red text and posting pictures of Omsk Bird. Allies include Reichtangle, the manifestation of the Fourth Reich that, like Omsk, partakes in the spread of sadness, albeit with specific targets such as Poland.

In the Siberian Crusade followers of other gods such as Wilsonism attempted to stop the inevitable rise of Omsk.

Current Users who are one with Omsk:

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