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Berlin participant of the sealion_world_tour

is a member from Germany who has, for a long time hoped, that someone would create this article, but has finally given up and has done it himself.

oberdada joined in January 2005 and is not famous for anything, exept maybe the 1 000 posts thread, that had no reason to exist, exept for gaining 1 000 posts to a thread started by oberdada. Started on March 31st, 2005 it finally reached the mark on October 25th, 2006 and has, since then stopped annoying people.

oberdada is a follower of Thandislam for no particular reason.

oberdada has still to finish his first timeline

oberdada is the creator of the wha_hae - discussion page, likely the only discussion page on this wiki witch article-page does not exist any more.

In fiction

In The Series oberdada has a very short appearance as a lone guard in the episode DON'T MENTION THE PORN as part of the Germans. After the real Oberdada commented on the fact that his Series version liked David Hasselhoff (a simple “Germans love David Hasselhoff” joke), this was Flanderised into a borderline obsession when The Germans reappeared in HAIR TODAY GOTTERDAMMERUNG TOMORROW, CITATION NEEDED and ZE POORLY-DISGUISED PILOT. His role is revealed to be that of tactical/security officer and muscle.

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