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O'ahu (or spelled Oahu) is the most populated island in Hawaii. The main city is Honolulu, followed by Pearl City, and Kailua-Kona. The North Shore is very famous for its winter surf season. Quite often when Hawaii does get a shipment of goods, it usually comes to O'ahu, and then the other Neighbor Islands.

When one visits O'ahu, there are some hints to consider:

  1. Going East, everything in the Waikiki/Downtown area is built up.
  2. Going West, the border of which aligns along Kalihi neighborhood/Pali Highway. Everything in this area (including Pearl City) is centered around the major military bases with Pearl Harbor being the prime example. Going further west one hits the Leeward Coast, which for people centered in the East, might as well be on the Moon.
  3. In the middle of the island is Mililani and Wahiawa. These towns are the same as Pearl City, only with Hickam as the main focus rather than Pearl Harbor. Most of this land was colonized by sugar plantations and now is pretty much built over. The region was heavily planted with pineapples and sugar, which is probably where the red dirt came from.
  4. Towards the North is the North Shore.
  5. On the Windward side is Kailua-Kaneohe, two towns that have grown into each other. One can get to these places by the H-3, Pali, or Likelike Highways. It's very nice country with green trees everywhere. Going along the coast will get the traveler to small dinky (surf) towns that eventually feed into the North Shore.
  6. There is no linking road to the whole island. The break is Kaena Point, where Lost is filmed.
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