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A British board member from Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. He has been part of the website since May 25th 2007. Not to be confused with the similarly named Nymain1.

He has been most associated with topics related to the American Civil War and is known to be a supporter/defender of General Joseph E. Johnston, though this has not prevented him being critical of Johnston's abilities or character nor has it made him ignore such things in debates.

In this thread Elfwine wrote of him: “As someone who has had several discussions with you on Joe, and will undoubtedly have more, I wish to tip my hat to your well stated points on him, your actual vote, and Bowen. We may disagree on how much Joe was “hit or miss”, but from the standpoint of historical study, I wish to note and praise your willingness to put aside any personal for a much-criticized general in favor of two lesser known figures, one of which practically no one pays any attention to in these sort of things. This is the sort of thing that is why I enjoy discussing the ACW with you even if we will never really agree on Joe Johnston. . To others: Yes, its a bit off topic to praise a poster's qualities, but Nytram deserves the praise for being a fair minded fellow - even about Jefferson Davis. I distinctly remember him saying “Wait, why am I defending Davis? I hate Davis!” in some thread or another. And yet he was still giving the man a fair trial. ”


He has made several attempts to write timelines but never gets far (examples include The Rise of Johnston - - and A Lee-less Confederacy -

Other topics he has been known to comment on are Dwight D. Eisenhower's skills as a general, Bernard L. Montgomery's skills as a general, and the reign of King Edward I of England.

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