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North and South Dakota

The so-called Dakotas are the final result of uncontrolled gerrymandering by politicians in the late 19th C. In reality these states do not exist. They consist of two guys and a mule (named Abner) in a hut on the frozen praries of the Great North American Interior Wasteland or possibly, according to GBW, on the frozen praries of Mars. Objective commentators see little difference between the two locales. As it turnes out one of the two guys is a member of history nerd states he lives in South Dakota, which means that 100% of South Dakotans and 50% of Dakotans are members of

It has been suggested that the myth persists only through the encouragement of the US Government, perhaps in an attempt to trick the Chinese.

A controversial alternative theory on the Dakotas has been put forward by Jon Stewart:

“Dakota, like Korea, has two halves. A southern half that is our friend and a northern half that hates the world.” which natives of the neighboring states claim is vice versa

Thande has proposed that the conspiracy has been supported in the modern age by the airlines, who want their planes to look faster than they are by adding several hundred miles to any trans-American flight.

Has Mt. Rushmore.

With an oil boom in North Dakota and nearly no economic acivity in the south,the only major settlements are Fargo, and the Capitals (which have been controversial on the capitals acual existance by previus speculation.)


Alternate history clichés involving this US state

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