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NickCT originally joined the boards as The Conservative Fellah. Because the boards are reliably to left, he was often chastised by the boards and his opinion marginalized when replying to timelines, often being dismissed because “oh, well, you're a conservative!” In reality, Nick is pro-choice, supports gay marriage, and has spoken out against the Tea Party - making him a moderate Republican. He eventually changed his name to NickCT to start anew on the boards.


NickCT's works deal with American political history from the 1980's to the near future. He has started numerous timelines, but usually gives up on them due to a lack of interest from other readers and a new idea, one he often believes will be stronger.

Presidential Election TL | 1988

NickCT's first timeline, Presidential Election TL | 1988, focused on an alternate presidential election in 1988. The posts were consistent, but lacked a degree of quality. In the timeline, Geraldine Ferraro runs for President and George H.W. Bush does not (along with a variety of notable POD's). Nick briefly attempted to revive the timeline, but gave up on the rewrite.

The Dream Will Never Die

The Dream Will Never Die is a mini-timeline written by NickCT about a different presidential election in 1980, one where Ted Kennedy wins the Democratic Party and goes on to be elected President. The timeline was only one post and covered the short administration of Ted Kennedy.

2000 and Beyond

2000 and Beyond was written by NickCT as well. It's an alternate history where George W. Bush does not win the 1994 Gubernatorial Election in Texas and Elizabeth Dole, as a result, takes the 2000 Presidential Primary.

Mrs. Clinton Goes to Washington

It was a timeline that NickCT had long wanted to write. Mrs. Clinton Goes to Washington is an alternate history where Hillary Clinton runs for President in 2004. It started off with much promise and considerable detail, but eventually Nick appeared to get bored with the timeline and stopped putting a lot of effort into the updates, putting it on indefinite hiatus ahead of the 2008 Presidential Election.

King Bill

An idea Nick had considered for a while, King Bill focuses on what a third term for Bill Clinton would have looked like. The timeline is written in what Nick describes as a “collage” style, one loosely based off of RogueBeaver and several other users. Nick liked the timeline a lot, felt it provided an interesting twist on present-day politics, but admits that some parts of the timeline were lagging. He has often though of rewriting the timeline.

A Lost Dream

Inspired by an interview that Geraldine Ferraro once gave, NickCT published another timeline focusing on a potential Ferraro Presidency called A Lost Dream. The timeline has a different POD than “Presidential Election TL | 1988” but still involves a Ferraro Presidency. Nick wrote the timeline in long-form and self-published the first several chapters in a book he distributed to family and friends.

Hope is on the Way

One of NickCT's strongest timelines, Hope is on the Way starts with the potential of a Kerry Administration had the Massachusetts Senator won the 2004 Presidential Election. The timeline is still a work in progress with Nick continuously updating it.

The American Mission

The American Mission is Nick's most recent timeline. It deals with an alternate Presidential election in 1992 and the results of it. Viewers have speculated that it will focus on George Bush dying and Dan Quayle's resulting presidency, but NickCT hasn't confirmed those rumors. Most agree, however, that it'll be George Bush who wins in the alternate 1992 election. NickCT continues to update it.

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