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Ministry of Wikiness


The Ministry of Wikiness was established on August 4, 2008 by President Sargon as apart of his plan to reorganize the Cabinet and recognize the efforts of Pkmatrix and Jasen777 for their work on the Wiki. In 2009, President TheDarkServant renamed the Minister of General Wikiness to simply the Minister of Wikiness.

Wiki Task Force

On August 4, 2008, Parliament passed the 2008 Wiki Task Force Act, establishing a Wiki Task Force.

This Task Force has been charged with the duties of collating all timelines on into a categorized list on the wiki with links and brief descriptions, correcting typos and formatting errors, repairing damage done by trolls and vandalism, general reorganization of certain sections of the wiki to make it look more tidy, and the adoption of a common formatting standard across articles. It has also been granted the power to initiate its own initiatives and rallies to improve the Wiki in quality or quantity, and to that end may call for volunteers. The Task Force does not have the power to censor the Wiki, nor does it have any special official power over issues of the Wiki that other Wiki editors do not have.

The Wiki Task Force is managed by the Ministry of Wikiness - this means the Minister of Wikiness and the Minister of Legislative Wikiness both act as co-managers of the Task Force - and is commanded by the Minister of Legislative Wikiness.

List of Ministers

# Office Name Party Served
1 Minister of General Wikiness Jasen777 Federalist Federation of Federalists August 4, 2008 - August 15, 2009
2 Minister of Wikiness Brandonazz Evil Party August 17, 2009 - Present
# Office Name Party Served
1 Minister of Legislative Wikiness Pkmatrix Evil Party August 4, 2008 - Present

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