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Ministry of Propaganda & Information


The Ministry of Propaganda & Information, the oldest Ministerial Department, was created as the Ministry of Information by President Leo Caesius on August 13, 2006. The Minister of Information is the only Cabinet position, aside from the Prime Minister, which has survived from the 2006 Cabinet. On August 4, 2008, President Sargon renamed the Ministry of Information to the “Ministry of Propaganda & Information”, adding the new post of Minister of Misapplied Obfuscation. In 2009, President TheDarkServant replaced the Minister of Misapplied Obfuscation with a Minister of Propaganda. However, this department remains headed by the Minister of Information.

List of Ministers

# Office Name Party Served
1 Minister of Information Archangel Michael August 13, 2006 - August 16, 2007
2 Minister of Information LightInfa Evil Party August 17, 2007 - August 17, 2009
3 Minister of Information Ryder Egotistical Alliance of Liberty August 17, 2009 - Present
# Office Name Party Served
1 Minister of Propaganda The Red Democratic Imperial Soviet People's Party of Reform August 17, 2009 - Present

List of Former Ministers

# Office Name Party Served
1 Minister of Misapplied Obfuscation Nekromans Yorkshire Socialist Party August 4, 2008 - August 17, 2009

2008 Mission Statement

The Ministry of Propaganda and Information has a long and distinguished history, dating back several years. This year is a special one for all of us. God has provided us (EVIL) with a majority in Parliament and the office of the Presidency, and we must make the most of this opportunity. This year, to match the valiant efforts of our President and our MPs, the Ministry of Propaganda and Information will go above and beyond to Inform, Investigate, and Insure the President, the Parliament, and most of all the People.


Our first and our most important duty to is to inform. We must above all other things keep the people and the government informed about as much as possible. To the people, we must make sure they know what their government is doing, creating a dialouge, empowering all. What is a government if it's people know nothing about it? The populace must know its elected officials in ever sense of the word, and we at the Ministry of Propaganda and Information must facilitate this.

To the government, we must keep Parliament and the President well informed on all matters, foreign and domestic. Members of the government must have regular briefings on crisises and important events. Without knowledge, nothing can happen.


To be able to inform the people and the government, we must go out into the field, into the sewers of cyberspace, into every nook and cranny to seek out the knowledge that all so desperately seek. Agents must put their lives on the line for to ensure the safety of this glorious board. We must infilitrate the enemy, whether they be trolls, or members of an opposition party. Our enemy will fear us if they know that MPI officers are about, watching every move.


Informing and investigating work together to ensure the safety of the people and the government. MPI personnel should work to insure the well-being of the president from trolls, terrorists, and the enemy within. It is all to easy to be complacent in the serene environment of, but with MPI providing intelligence and security, President Sargon can be protected from coups, Rockpuppets, and all manner of dangers. If safety is insured, the government can function.


None of these goals will be easily met though, and it will require hard work and dedication from all brances of the Ministry of Propaganda and Information. The Ministry will have to be reorganized and expanded to meet the changing needs of a changing world, but we can weather the storm if we are prepared.

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