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Quite a popular topic to discuss on - usually in a tongue-in-cheek way - and also even a hobby to some AH.commers. Sometimes, micronations are met with derision on the site, other times with praise, and most often, their assessment is somewhere in the middle and fairly neutral. discussions on micronations

Discussions on micronations of AH.commers

Known micronations of

Arranged in alphabetical order. Click the links in the names of the micronations to see their flag.


Full name: Empire of Amervea
Founder: Noravea
Founding date: 24 June 2011
Location: Noravea's parents' property, his grandparents' property, and his aunt's property
Government: Monarchy
Current head of government: Emperor Nicholas I.
Language: English
Religion: First Imperial Church of Amervea (headed by Archpope Thespitronius MMMMMM, at his own insistence)
Military: There are two members of the military, Noravea, and his brother. The inventory includes airsoft guns, a large amount of swords, a single bow and arrow, and two crossbows.
Trivia: Claims ownership of the “Imperial Colony of Mars”.

Antarctic Socialist Republic

Full name: Antarctic Socialist Republic
Founder: Gray Antarctica
Founding date: 25 June 2011
Language: English, high-pitched penguin localisations
Military: According to GA's own account, “I've had to make do with human paramilitary forces and some UAVs. MQ-9, mostly. The bigger penguins have .22LR ultravelocity recoilless rifles strapped to them. The extra fast custom .22LR has extra punching power compared to normal .22LR. Much better than normal .22LR. The guns are open ended while firing, they are electrically fired. You don't want to be hit by it. The guards have AK-74s and PKMs. I've considered a few 20mm and 40mm guns on old BMPs. Maybe some 76mm. 105mm guns will arouse suspicion, and tanks would probably get us invaded.”.
Trivia: In a state of cold war with Amervea. Has claims on “all unnoccupied territory on Antarctica, and a Helium 3-rich stretch of land on the Moon”. On the topic of the economy, GA notes that “Yes, I get alot of money from our oil and mineral exports. Also, we extract industrial-use chemicals from penguin waste, which there is plenty of.”.


Full name: Republic of Beerhaven
Founder: The Professor
Location: currently leasing territory in London, UK
Government: (currently) Semi-Presidential Democracy
Founding documents: Draft Articles of Beerhaven
Language: English
Religion: majority Beerist (Aler, Lagerite) but significant minority of Winers
Coat of arms: (designed by False Dmitri)
National pastime: drinking
National sport: drinking
National motto:
Trivia: Referenced briefly in Enterprise, as the in-universe fiefdom of Prof's fictional counterpart in the series.
Website: Beerhaven

Dictatorship of Charl

Full name: Dictatorship of Charl
Founder: charl
Founding date: 18 January 2011
Trivia: Has an alliance with the Kingdom of Domtopia.


Full Name: The Vast, Great and Beloved Kingdom of Domtopia
Founder: TheDarkMessiah
Founding date: 31 January 2010
Population: 2 (50% Male, 50% Female, 2010)
Language: English
Religion: Domism
Trivia: Has an alliance with the Dictatorship of Charl.

Grand Fenwick

Full name: Duchy of Grand Fenwick
Founder: Corditeman


Full name: The Consulate of Innucinsar (ih-noo-KIN-sar)
Adjectival form and demonym: Innucinsari
Founder: Krall
Current head of government: Consul James Alexander Fitzmaurice
Motto: “There is not life without liberty.”
Fundamental state philosophy: See here.


Full name: Empire of Minarchitopia
Founder: TheSevenLeggedFallyDowner
Founding date: 28 November 2009
Founding documents: See A Declaration by the Sole Representative of the Empire of Minarchitopia.
Current head of government: His Most Excellent Majesty Daniel the First, By the Grace of God, Emperor of Minarchitopia, King of Degland, Duke of Gravel Park, Supreme Primate of the Church of Minarchitopia
Trivia: “The similar design to the US flag represents the close ties that we have historically had with the US. The golden cross represents my nation's Christian heritage (since currently 100% of my population is evangelical) and having purple and white stripes instead of red and white symbolizes the fact that Minarchitopia was created by royal decree (thus the purple) without bloodshed (thus the white). The crown of course represents the supremacy of the Emperor.”
Website: Empire of Minarchitopia


Full name: The Molnár Republic (Sovereign Republican Hereditary Constitutional Monarchy of Molnária and the Raškovce Floodplain Forests)
Founder: Petike
Founding date: 1 July 2000
Government: republican hereditary constitutional monarchy (about as weird as Andorra's system)
Population: 4-12 (fluctuates)
Language: Slovak, Hungarian, English
Religion: various, mostly Christian churches
Military: Defence Forces of the Molnár Republic
Trivia: Claims the entirety of Franz Joseph's Land archipelago. The highest point of the nation is 105 meters above sea level, and the lowest roughly around 95-100 meters above sea level.

Mongol Alabama

Full name: Mongol Alabama
Founder: GenghisKhanfan
Founding date: 18 January 2011

Moogi Empire

Full name: Moogi Empire
Founder: LordMoogi
Founding date: 21 January 2011
Current head of government: “His Awesomeness Imperial Archkhan Lord Protector Saint Grand Admiral Doctor Princess* Sir Caesar Moogi, PhD, VC, BM**, MB***, BMF, BYOB, Lord of All the Beasts of the Land and Fishes of the Sea****, Grand Master of the Most Serene Order of Awesome, Sweet Transvestite, Conqueror of Psychoses, Loremaster Emeritus, and All Around Great Guy (* - because everything's better with princesses, even if they're male; ** - Blackboard Monitor; *** - Magnificent Bastard; **** - if it's good enough for Idi Amin, it's good enough for me)“

Nova Elysium

Full name: Empire of Nova Elysium
Founder: Alex Richards
Trivia: On the history of the Nova Elysian flag, Alex has revealed that “Technically, it's just the Imperial Standard, but the multi-dimensional aspect of the Empire means that this is the most commonly used flag to represent the nation as a whole. As a side note, the Dragon is Lungh Huangh Pengh, the great protector of the Imperial domain. The 4 globes he holds are the subject of a lengthy epic and have given rise to the expression By the Great Gilded Globes of Lungh Huangh Pengh, roughly equivilant to Good Grief.”


Full name: Grand Principality of Nuremberg-Kresstof
Founder: von kressenstein
Founding date: 1 January 2011
Size: 89.96 sq miles
Capital: Nuremberg
Government: Hereditary Constitutional Principality
Current head of government: His Majesty The Prince Friedrich Freiherr Otto Kress Von Kressenstein III
Population: (supposedly) 500,732
Language: German
Currency: The New Deutches Mark


Full name: Principality of Okland
Founder: TheNordicBrit
Current head of government: Prince George I. (of House Ormond-Burrell)
Language: English
Trivia: According to TheNordicBrit's note on etymology, “The name derives from the town I'm from - Fair Oak - Oak - Oakland - Okland.”


Full name: Empire of Oskania (formerly Kingdom of Oskania-Borrfy)
Founder: Crayhistory
Founding date: 1 December 2009
Founding documents: Declaration of Independence speech
Current head of government: King Crayhistory, formerly also Prime Minister Zuvarq
Trivia: Was working on creating an alliance with the Kingdom of Pennylvnd.


Full name: Kingdom of Pennylvnd
Founder: Highlander
Founding date: possibly 2005 or 2006 ?
Population: 2
Language: English
Coat of arms: Pennylvnd CoA
Trivia: Originally just called Pennlvnd, without an “y”. Was working on creating an alliance with the Kingdom of Oskania-Borrfy.
Website: Kingdom of Pennylvnd


Full name: Penthesila
Founder: Ah-Sue


Full name: Tectora
Founder: Alternatehistoryguy47

Union of Tyras and Sueb

Full Name: The Union of the Principality of Tyras and Grand Duchy of Sueb
Founder: Konrad13
Founding date: 21 November 2009
Current head of government: Konrad Alexander I
Population: 1
Trivia: “The entire populace (1 person, the monarch) have voted to currently suspend the constitution until such time that a new and better one may be formed. We have a full holiday list for the year, a knightly order, and a flag to boot!”

Final tally: 2 kingdoms, 2 republics, 5 empires, 1 duchy, 2 principalities, 1 union, 1 dictatorship, 5 unknown/other systems of government League of Micronations flag proposals: 1, 2 and 3, 4, 5 + notes

Flags of micronations founded by individual AH.commers (selected samples)

Flags of micronations founded by individual AH.commers (selected samples)

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