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Map Marauders

The Map Marauders arose from the UCS Reform. Thande proposed that Russia should be colored green instead of gold because the Russian traditional uniform color is green, like the French blue and German gray (although Susano will complain that's only in WWI). Supporters of Russia's color reform began using Soviet propaganda, labeling themselves “Greensheviks” opposed to the “reactionary” Goldilocks faction that favored Russia's old color.

And then there was a third group, one who pragmatically took a third option. Espousing and defending the radical, semi-anarchist ideology of “Colour It Whatever You Like”, this group of cheerful map-making rascals proudly waved their mishmash-coloured anti-UCS banner and procclaimed themselves “The Map Marauders”. The “M&Ms” eventually became the paramilitary wing of the movement, while a governmental organization known simply as CIWYL became the movement's ideological and diplomatic wing.

And thus, the shadow of the third civil war in's history, the Colour Scheme War, loomed ominously over… but then everyone quickly reached a consensus and the civil war was narrowly and very anticlimactically averted. To the joy of all involved. Until the next civil war


A well-meaning poll turned into civil war (of course, it was Thande's poll), which pit brother against brother, comrade against comrade. Every day the two would be nearly tied, though Gold would usually be a few ahead. The community was torn asunder for five long days. Thinking they would lose the vote, some more radical Greensheviks went off with Susano (who didn't even use the UCS but was interested in German color reform) to form the ACS, while the Girondin Greensheviks praised “reform, not revolution.” But to everyone's surprise, Green prevailed 183-181. The Girondin Greensheviks then tried to finish UCS reform, which had been damaged by the ACS faction, and repair their image, which had been sullied by excessive gloating of their victory. Many old ACSites adopted their more radical proposals.

List of Map Marauders

  • B Munro (head of pacifist and civilian wing (CIWYL), revered ideologue)
  • Petike (head of paramilitary wing, dashing anarchist rogue atop a PaintNet tachanka)
  • Joyeux (supporter, CIWYL branch of the faction)
  • Sachyriel (sympathiser)

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