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Australian member of the board. Known for his support of the Australian Labor Party and also following American elections, whose threads he enlivens with his sardonic commentary.


Has started two fictional scenarios, or timelines, at After 1900 which remain uncompleted as of early 2013 ('LBJ, Taft-Hartley, and the dramatic revision of Rule XXII', 'The Re-election of the Chifley Labor Government in 1949') but which may hopefully serve as examples for those writers on the forum interested in creatively addressing political subjects other than the American presidency or the British government.

Also, author of an eleven thousand word quasi-scholarly essay on the subject of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy's OTL Vietnam war policy; indeed, a sort of unofficial FAQ that members are encouraged to cite when countering popular yet unsupported assertions RE 'the betrayal of Kennedy's peace-making legacy by his successors', or, 'JFK would have preserved America's innocence/social unity by chosing not to fight in Vietnam'.

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