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A very large island off the coast of Africa. Its OTL history is quite interesting, being populated by Malays who came all the way across the Indian Ocean rather than Africans. It was united and modernised by Moric Benovsky, a Slovak Pole Czech Hungarian [CITATION NEEDED] central European fellow. Later, it became a French colony.

In Culture

Though no AH.commers thus far come from there, it has entered forum lore as the last place on Earth safe from a virus pandemic, a legend originating from a popular Flash game in which you play as the virus and Madagascar is usually the most difficult place to infect. Thus in times of virus scares, everyone announces they're decamping to the island.

In Fiction

Possibly as an ironic reference to the above running gag about it being immune to pandemics, Madagascar in Jared's Lands of Red and Gold becomes the first place in the Old World that Aururian diseases spread to…

Alternate history clichés involving this country

Madagascar is far too often associated in the context of alternate history as either a notorious pirate hideout (see Pirate Madagascar) or as a location for one of the many, many Alternate Israels.

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