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A forum member who joined in April 2007 and hails from Melbourne, Australia. LorienTheYounger is currently doing a double degree at university, a very difficult course that requires study and focus… so of course he spends an inordinate amount of time on instead.

Lorien was formerly known as “Londo”. Believe it or not, the name “LorienTheYounger” is not a reference to “Dean the Young” (although Lorien is in fact approximately 19 months younger than Dean). Lorien named himself after the Babylon 5 character - who is the oldest sentient being in the universe, hence “TheYounger”. He later changed once again to “ColeMercury”.

LorienTheYounger is a rabid republican - in the Australian sense, that is. He is actually repulsed by the US Republican Party and is a proud left-winger. In addition to being a republican he is also fanatically anti-monarchist a stinking traitor and anti-British-Empire. ATL maps where Australia is inexplicably united as one British colony - i.e. almost all ATL maps - piss him off to no end. He also hates Australia's flag and its national anthem, and has stated several times that if conscription is reintroduced in the future he will flee to New Zealand (and hopefully become lunch to a Maori) - which is the main reason why he opposes annexation of NZ by Australia.

Although he bats for both teams, Lorien considers himself to basically be one of's gaysexuals.

In terms of actual content to the site, Lorien has added very little, having written written exactly zero detailed timelines.

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