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A short-lived board member from 2017, who joined in May of that year. During his three or so month tenure on the board, he had accumulated several warnings and kicks. He had a talent for attempting to troll others, while hiding it behind relatively respectable behaviour. Despite this, he got kicked regularly.

What little good fortune he had in his first few weeks ran out in August 2017, when he was kicked by CalBear for a whole bunch of offensive trolling. Notably, on the day of his kick, he spent his time by trolling in several threads (including one about a tragedy in Finland, where people were trying to have a serious debate, and mostly had to ignore him).

Just some two or three days after the kick was administered, Loghain was caught red-handed while trying to register a sockpuppet. CalBear immediately delivered the banhammer blow. Strangely, a lot of Loghain's trolling and provocations from shortly before his last kick (and eventual upgrade to a ban) was often written in a way that was… barely coherent, to put it mildly. We can only speculate why. But let's not.

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