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-====== ljofa ====== 
-**ljofa**, despite the name, is not an Eastern European. ​ He is, in fact, a 29 year old Londoner who isn't a particularly sporadic poster and has a tendency to kill off any threads he contributes to (the curse of ljofa). ​ He's also a contemporary of [[offtopic:​Kit]] - but is a little more defensive and forthright in his posts. 
-He makes contributions to 20th Century threads, Chat and any threads about Turtledove books where he's an apologist for Mary Pomeroy and Anne Collerton. ​ He also began a story thread merging the worlds of 1984 and that of the Race but owing to inherent laziness, it's stuck in production limbo. 
-ljofa has an account on [[http://​]] where he's made two alternative history quizzes on Harry Turtledove'​s How Few Remain and the Great War trilogy. 
-jjofa isn't a name, it actually is LJ of A - the LJ and the A are a mystery only known to him.  ​ 
-He appears as Logo Jedermann in [[offtopic:​Max Sinister]]'​s Stories from the [[timelines:​Chaos]] TL. 
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