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One of Britain's biggest port cities. Founded as a city by King John in the thirteenth century. Culturally speaking Liverpool is sometimes regarded as Britain's New York, sharing the American city's influence from immigrants and trade.

Appropriately enough for such a melting pot of a city (as in, it's full of funny-coloured water and has an odd yet not entirely unpleasant smell), its inhabitants are nicknamed 'Scousers', after the lamb stew eaten by sailors in the days before steam turbines, ironclads or duty-free shopping.

Liverpool was recently voted Britain's most musical city, of no surprise to anyone. It has produced countless artists and groups over the years, most famously the Beatles.

However, Scousers also have a certain reputation for nicking everything that isn't nailed down - in the latter case they first extract the nails and nick those as well. This despite having amongst the lowest crime rate of many British cities. Many things are to blame for this perception, but lets stick with Brookside.

It has a major rivalry with Manchester, Minas Morgul to its Minas Tirith, to which it is connected by canal - for now…

Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture 2008.


  • Ed Costello (who brings it up whenever the opportunity arises and often when it doesn't)
  • libbrit (though kinda Scottish via his ancestry). Seems to have appointed himself an unpaid member of the Liverpool Tourist board.

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