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Little Red Bean

A member from who knows where, who joined in October 2015. Infamous for his adoration and apologism of hard-left totalitarianism, especially of the maoist sort.

Originally, he kept a low profile, escaping mod actions. He frequented a thread discussing more radical leftist politics. Unfortunately for him, by February 2017, he had outed himself as an ardent supporter and admirer of the North Korean regime, the former Khmer Rouge regime and the former Peruvian terrorist organisation Shining Path. He repeatedly denied mass murder committed by these organisations or stated multiple times that the slaughter of innocents was acceptable in achieving political goals.

Some of his claims, such as his unironic praise for some North Korean online newsletter, came across as a borderline example of someone deliberately trolling. However, the rest of his behaviour pointed to the scary fact that he was a true believer in all the insane pro-maoist nonsense he kept spouting, over and over again. Poe's Law was fully in effect here.

Unsurprisingly, he was banned by Ian for openly supporting crimes against humanity and genocide. Fittingly, Ian outright dubbed him a “robotic apologist for mass murder”.

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