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British member from Liverpool. Often gets involved in political debates, in which he espouses Liberal views but has become disenchanted with and estranged from the Liberal Democrats. Also known for his campaigning to preserve the Union in the Scottish independence referendum. Has a strange reputation for disliking the European Union and being generally rabid about it, even though he has never actually said anything of the sort and indeed frequently states the opposite. To this day he has never figured out why people think this.

Also a great lover of the Olympics, para and otherwise. He has combined all of these by campaigning for Liverpool to host the Commonwealth Games.

Banned by Ian on the 3rd of March 2013, due to creating a sockpuppet for trying to get around a kick. He has since been reborn, zombie-like, having had his ban lifted on 05/05/2014. He simply asked nicely to be let back in.

Unfortunately, only some three and a half years later, libbrit was banned again by Ian for severe trolling and bigoted statements, this time permanently. During his entire time on the board, libbrit managed to accumulate fifteen warnings and kicks in addition to the original ban and the final one.

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