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La Rouge Beret

Surprisingly neither a francophile, nor possessing red headwear. The origins of his username are summarisied by the oft repeated Winston Churchill quote of 'a riddle wrapped in an enigma.'


East Asia, South East Asia, Science Fiction, Rugby Union and Military matters.


La Rouge Beret has written two Timelines being:

Angkor Resurgent - A rare TL on Cambodia with a POD of Prince Sisowath Pinnoret surviving the Great War and causing butterflies throughout South East Asia. It can be read here

A Surviving South Vietnam - With a POD being Dr Phan being chosen as Prime Minister for South Vietnam rather than Mr Diem. A slew of butterflies ensure to maintain a surviving South Vietnamese state. This TL will be rebooted to create a stronger non - communist political structure within Southern Vietnam. The rebooted version can be read here

Generally La Rouge Beret's TL's focus on South East Asia during the 20th Century. This is because of an errant soil scooping accident in the same location, that resulted in red soil being added to his heart.

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