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Kosta is in fact not a gay cunt. On the contrary; he is in fact a sexy Greek motherfucker with an amazing beard that arouses all the women who meet him and makes all the men around him jealous. His life story was remade into the Hollywood film “Syriana;” his part was played by George Clooney. Initially George Clooney had rejected the role stating that he “would do injustice to the man“—and he was right.

When he is not fucking hot big booty Brazilian bitches, feeding refugees across the world, hunting sharks, or playing polo with Barack Obama, he smokes cigars, drinks whiskey, and writes Alternate Historical fiction.

He is currently working on a piece titled “Orient Yourself Correctly: A Komnenian Tale”. You can read it here and here. He welcomes any and all ideas, no matter how small.

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