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A British board member who joined in March 2015, and until early 2017 went by the username king_of_the_penguins. His penguin avatar is sadly missed, but he is still sometimes referred to as 'KOTP'. He has a love of all things German, particularly Prussia. The_Last_Plantagenet has been most active in the Shared Worlds forum, but also began a collaborative TL based on Harald Hardrada winning the Battle of Stamford Bridge. KOTP has also had several appearances in other areas of His most recent project has been the creation of the micronation of the Grand Duchy of West Antarctica, with himself as Grand Duke.


The Website of the Grand Duchy of West Antarctica KOTP declared in June 2016 the independence of the micronation of West Antarctica and proceeded to recruit government members from the board. Notably, DracoLazarus has been made Prime Minister and Ankh Von Hapsburg made Deputy Prime Minister. Other government members include Upvoteanthology, Stuyvesant and RedBaron223.

CNG: Things Keep Getting Worse - KOTP's second Nation Game, the first being the short lived Change Your Destiny. It is based on the onset of an Ice Age in 1918 that causes massive changes to the political climate in post-war Europe. So far Austria has regained German Bohemia and most of Slovenia and Croatia. They also have a Bavarian puppet and influence Hanover and Hungary. They and France have also split the new born Baden-Wurtemburg into spheres of influence. In other areas the Ottomans have suffered far worst than OTL, Hanover has an African colony, Italy and France have partitioned Cameroon between themselves and a German civil war has been resolved. This game has now died, however, to be followed by NG: March of History.

Harald Hardrada wins the crown: Collaborative timeline - Probably KOTP's must notable project to date and also the most successful one outside of the Shared Worlds forum. It was done in a similar format to a map game, but, obviously, without the map. It lasted two months, making it the longest running of any of KOTP's projects.

Of Shamrocks and shells: A Central Powers Ireland TL - A short lived TL in the After 1900 forum that was based on Ireland joining the Central Powers. Despite a promising start it ended after only one page.

the Tudor empire:my first map game - As it says in the thread's title this was the first map game run by KOTP. Unfortunately KOTP was still an novice at the time and the game suffered from every nation being a space filling empire. Unsurprisingly, therefore, the game ended precisely two weeks after starting.

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