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 A [[Portugal|Portuguese]] member of the board. A [[Portugal|Portuguese]] member of the board.
 +Karolus is a well known participant in the [[shared_worlds:​nation_games|Nation Games]] community, where he has run several games and is a mod on the [[https://​​2FvvazQ|Discord Server]].
 +Successful Games by Karolus Rex include:
 +[[https://​​forum/​threads/​century-of-lights-ig.467159/​|Century of Lights]]: Set in Europe, North Africa, and Asia from 1700-1703, and was played from 6 MAY 2019 to 14 JUL 2019 real time.  It also became known as the "​Century of Betrayals",​ due to the high level of intrigue, war, and deception which occurred. Even the morally upright [[:​rex_romae|Rex Romae]], who prides himself on keeping his word in Nation Games, was accused of betraying an ally (although he fiercely denies this, and argues that what he did was technically not betrayal).
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