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The Stormlord

The Stormlord was an Anglo-Scot member living in the mysterious land of Belgium, or alternately a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch dwelling within the hellish depths of the Warp. Regardless of his odd choice of username, he had several AH interests, most notably a Central Powers victory in WWI, Byzantium surviving, and other such things. It can be said that he was intrigued by Russia, in all versions, be it Tsarist, Soviet, Republican and so forth, but moreso by pre-WWI Germany and the Byzantine Empire. It is also known that he has Asperger's.

Eventually, he was banned at his own request.

Fan of...

The Stormlord is creepily obsessed with Lady Gaga, so He writes Her into almost all of His TLs (which he never quite finds the time to finish). He is also a major fan of monarchies (Constitutional of course) and he wishes there were more, which may be somewhat caused by his being British. Warhammer 40K is another subject he finds delight in, though as ever he never quite finds the time to start an army or play in a game.

Politically speaking, The Stormlord is somewhat schizophrenic, being firmly left-leaning and yet also a firm monarchist. And of course, one cannot mention The Stormlord without talking about his Germanophilic views, i.e his love of the German Empire and various other Germanic states such as the Holy Roman Empire (not extending to the Third Reich, of course). He is also a major fan of Russia, and of course he is a Romano/Byzantophile.


The Stormlord never quite finds the time to work on his TLs, with the result that he has too many to count (most of them dead). His longest-running TL is a look at a world where Frederick I Barbarossa never drowned during the Third Crusade and saved the HRE, called, appropriately enough, The Triumph of Barbarossa: Victory of the Holy Roman Empire (link to thread here).

Past nicknames (in order of apppearance)


Kairos Faitweaver


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