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Jim Smitty

Jim is a rather prolific writer. Jim also has Dyslexic Dysgraphia, a disablitiy that effects his grammer in his writting. Nevertheless, his naval battle scenes are the things of legends.


Author of United American Flight 817. This TL won the Turtledove Award for "Best Continuing ISOT/Other ASB Timeline" in 2012, and in 2013 the Turtledove Award for "Best Continuing ISOT Timeline".

Jim's other active timelines are Project Fail Safe and United American Flight 932.

Over the course of his time on, Jim had started and abandoned a few different timelines. These include Florida, The New Rome and Not your standard Americwank.

Jim also posted the ASB What If The Race Probe Reaches Earth Today, which spawned a short timeline by Pkmatrix.

He has also written an number of updates for Mad Missouri's Game On: Tricky Dick 1, the Domination 0, as well as an update for Glen's Tales of the Nikeverse, and several updates for RamscoopRaider's Tomorrow's Pen is Mightier than Yesterday's Sword. Finally, he has been an active writer in Doragon's Superhero Beatdown and Monster Madness.

Outside the ASB world, Jim has written only a single short TL, Whiskey on the Rocks: The Soviet-Swedish War of 1981.

Jim's only finished TL is America’s Manifest Destiny.

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