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A country in the Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Egypt to the south, Jordan and Syria to the east and Lebanon to the north.

In culture

It is subject to a number of jokes:

  • David bar Elias most often has a cameo appearance as prime minister of Israel in alternate and future histories.
  • Tel-Avision hails from Israel, and his activities have led many members to believe that Tel-Avision somehow hijacked all Israeli IP addresses. Apart, that is, from the ones used by nonny.
  • Israel is one of the more minor nationalistic-running jokes relating to Wikipedia, specifically the idea that Israeli Wikipedians allegedly delete all references to 'Palestine' as a modern state.

Israel is invariably at the center of controversy and…“debate” on the board. To cut to the crunch, Hank Fletcher was banned and I accuse Abdul Hadi Pasha with the Holy Grail in the Dome of the Rock.

The topic of Israel has been an extremely hot one, and debates often lead to intervention by Ian and the mods. Overall, Israel discussions have generated more kicks and bans than any other topic.

Over the years, it has become a kind of running gag/meme that every thread started in Chat that discusses Israeli domestic politics (particularly the neverending Jewish-Palestinian tussle) will result in at least one member getting banned before the thread closes. This is a reference to how heated these political debates can get among many AH.commers.


Alternate history clichés concerning this country

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