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Not to be confused with Iraq, especially if you're the Pentagon.

Known as Persia until fairly recently, which was somewhat misleading as the Persians are one of only several Iranian or “Aryan” peoples. Iran was ruled by a hereditary monarch, the Shah, until the Islamic Revolution of 1979. The country was then invaded by Iraq in a ruinous eight-year war that ended in status quo ante bellum, and has been isolated from most of the world ever since.

Expect a fair amount of…debate on the board over whether Iran is a religious dictatorship or a limited democracy.

In fiction

Currently ruled by Supreme Leader Wile E. Khamenei and President Armoured Dinner Jacket, at least according to MrP's superhero comedy series Englishman.


No members post from Iran, but Ibn Warraq is Iranian-American and often posted on Iranian issues. SvoHljott is British and of mixed origins, but most of his ancestors are Iranian.

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